Health Center Network

Welcome to BHS Health Center Network, a division of Behavioral Health Services, Inc.

Thank you for choosing us to be your health care partner and provider. We are here to be your medical home. A medical home is a team approach to providing health care. We believe that staying healthy is a team effort. It’s not simply about us telling you what to do or which medications to take. It is about talking, asking questions, and sharing information. Your health care team will work with you to help you find the best ways to manage your own wellness. We provide quality care based on what has been proven to work best. We want you to live a strong and healthy life.

We’ve Got You Covered

Our services include:

We Believe in Health Care for Everyone

Every person should be able to get quality medical and behavioral health care. We offer our services at low-cost. Our physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants do everything from regular wellness check-ups to helping you keep track of ongoing health issues. We serve everyone in the community. We do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, physical disabilities, gender, sexual orientation, health status, religion, age, or ability to pay.

Today and Beyond

When you make an appointment with us, you can expect to be treated with respect and compassion. Our goal is to provide you with care that is not only tailored to your needs, but that changes with you, adapting to whatever may be happening in your life.We know that health care is more than just one visit to the doctor and that staying healthy is a collaborative effort. So please talk with us. Most likely you are here today for the first time and here to meet your doctor. Please expect to discuss your medical history with your doctor and co-create an overall plan of care. After today we want to see you again for regular check-ups, preventative health screening, or if you are sick.

Contact Us Anytime

We have 5 clinics to serve your medical and behavioral health needs. If you need help making an appointment, getting refills, being referred to a specialist, or have an important medical issue, please send us a message or call your home clinic. Our secure, web-based portal allows you to send us a message at anytime. If you call after our clinic is closed for that day, our answering service can send a message to our team of medical doctors at anytime.


Shirley Summers

Chief Executive Officer